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Improving our Schools and Community.

Westmark goes the extra mile to ensure projects are completed on time to meet scheduling requirements.

Whether it’s remodeling a science lab, renovating a softball field, resurfacing a parking lot, or building a world-class playground, Westmark is uniquely qualified in building public and private K-12 and higher education campuses in the Puget Sound region. We adhere to strict scheduling requirements for completion during school breaks, and provide well-coordinated measures to ensure the safety of students and faculty with minimal disruption. Our dedication to serving our clients has led to long, successful relationships with academic institutions throughout Washington.

Providing the Best for our Local Businesses.

Our success is the combination of strict attention to detail, effective pricing, and a deadline orientated work ethic to meet the needs of our clients.

Whether working in an occupied space, or opening a new branch, we work hard to accommodate our clients’ schedules, timelines and requirements to ensure that the space can continue to operate during business hours.

Westmark has the experienced construction team and techniques to help you meet your goals. We combine an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of construction with a unique sensitivity to the programming and function of your facility while minimizing the effects of construction so your operations stay on track.

Creating Curb Appeal for Our Clients.

While we work in your business space, we handle all aspects of the construction process so you can focus on your customers and your business.

Westmark’s project managers are experts at collaborating on design to achieve both form and function, while developing custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs. That might mean changing work hours so your business is not impacted, adapting construction plans to avoid peak business times, or handling the intricate environmental permitting issues that are crucial to the projects’ success.

Our teams of seasoned professionals are flexible, creative and accommodating to the nature of the work site, as well as the needs of the owner.

As Health Care Advances, So Do We.

We take a focused approach to safety and communicate daily with appropriate facilities and administration personnel to control costs and minimize disruption.

With decades of experience in health care construction, hospital infrastructures, and building systems, Westmark is very familiar with the challenges of constructing high-quality, cost-effective patient-centered health care environments while ensuring crucial care spaces, hospital operations and life safety systems are maintained.

Helping You Build Your Business.

Westmark has a long history of supporting commercial entities with office building design, construction, and renovation.

We are also adept in the growing trends of mixed-use facilities that combine office space, retail space and residential. We bring extensive support to every project, beginning on the day a potential client contacts us to explore their options.

Westmark shares our knowledge and expertise with our customers and cover all the bases as we work through an effective approach.

This includes meeting all municipal requirements, has the support of the local community, and can be delivered for the cost and schedule that we guarantee in our project plan.

Keeping Current with Technological Advances.

Westmark understands that project delays mean lost revenue for our clients, along with the critical importance of effective scheduling for the construction of industrial facility projects.

We expertly manage the unique requirements associated with highly sophisticated systems and processes during construction so clients can focus on operationalizing their new or upgraded facility. We understand the return on investment pressures and have the processes and guarantees that ensure successful project completion in minimum time—without any cost overruns.

Westmark always designs for maximum efficiency, and we’re experts at coordinating the inter-related installation details—from specialty materials to transporters, equipment, and paving.

Assisting to Improve our Community.

We have the experience necessary to realize the owner’s goals in providing cost-effective, quality facilities.

Westmark’s delivery system provides budget management, and the ability to suggest modifications to save public owners money while adding value.

Our experience with municipal construction is proven by our track record of successfully working with public clients while simultaneously working in partnerships with other consultants and contractors.

Building Homes for a Lifetime.

Starting as a home building company, Westmark has continued to build custom homes and multifamily complexes for over 68 years.

We take a relationship management approach to every project. Well before construction commences, we collaborate with our clients and construction partners to understand the financial, schedule, and design goals for a project.

Residential and multifamily construction demands careful attention to architectural detailing, as well as materials specifications and management, to deliver quality amenities and living spaces. We are committed to building high quality residential buildings safely, on-time and ultimately make each occupant proud to call these spaces home.